Criminal defense lawyer ready to help you

At The Law Office of Tammy Riggs, she is ready to handle all federal and state criminal cases, ranging from DUI, drug charges (trafficking, marijuana possession), white-collar crimes (fraud, embezzlement), to all violent crimes (assault, domestic battery and murder). Most importantly, Tammy has a passion for criminal defense and work with you to provide you with the best representation possible.

Tammy will approach your case personally. You will appreciate the one-on-one service that starts when you call. She returns all calls the same day and will immediately review the nature of your problem and make a confidential appointment for a free initial personal consultation. All communication is protected by the attorney-client privilege and is kept totally confidential.

Tammy understands how your case will affect you and your family. Her goal is to communicate clearly and effectively so you understand the process of what can be a very difficult experience. Every step of the way you’ll know what’s going to happen. And she’ll be there with you.

You can count on Tammy Riggs to be aggressive and focused on your defense.